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Cornet AquaCem Project Seminar

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Cornet AquaCem Project Seminar

The three Partners VDZ (for Germany), Smart Minerals (for Austria) and CRIC-OCCN (for Belgium) have carried out a two years Research supported by Cornet (European “Collective Research Networking” Program) and in Belgium by the Walloon Region.


During this seminar, we will present the results of this Research project entitled (summary enclosed):  

“Reuse of fresh concrete recycled water in the fabrication process of - in particular –

air-entrained and high performance concretes”.


Location in Brussels:                                                                                                                                                                                Campus Solbosch Université Libre de Bruxelles, Building H,

Auditorium H1302 (avenue Paul Héger; 1050 Brussels); Plan enclosed.


Industrial sectors concerned:         

Ready-mixed concrete, Concrete Prefab, Materials Producers forconcrete and more generally all the Building Sector.