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fib symposium 2017 - High tech Concrete

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fib symposium 2017 - High tech Concrete

fib (Federation International du Beton; or “the International Federation for Structural Concrete”, is a blossoming international organisation featuring members from 43 countries. fib-NL is the Dutch representative in fib international. The aim of fib is to improve the technical, economic, sustainable and aesthetic performance of concrete constructions worldwide.

The organisation does this via international knowledge exchange, conferences, themed work groups and research. One of its initiatives is the new Model code, which the fib uses to establish regulations concerning the use of concrete constructions. In the coming years, this knowledge will be used to further specify new Euro codes.

fib organises a three-day conference every year, which is attended by an average of 500 participants from all across the globe. And each time, a certain emphasis is placed by the organising country. Participants include professors and scientists (all “Concrete professors” worldwide), clients (with an emphasis on national infrastructure authorities like our very own RWS) and “practitioners” (often people from large supply and construction organisations). One could see it as a small, but relatively powerful and influential fraternity. It is thus a unique opportunity to organise this event in our country. This year's symposium will be held in Mumbai, and that of next year in South Africa.

The event will feature a conference section, a federation section (with a general assembly and various active work groups) and a networking section (expo, social). The conference will be divided into specific contemporary themes. These themes will be identified by the Scientific Committee but have yet to be finalised.


However, it is already known that various national authorities (in the Netherlands, Belgium, Nordrhein Westfalen and other German states) would like consult with the sector about existing infrastructure. For instance, what are we going to do with constructions that are 60 years-old or more, and have reached the end of their technical life span? The main topic (hence the title of the symposium) is the relationship between concrete technology and constructive design, which must be significantly improved in the coming years.


The Concrete Association and the Belgian Concrete Group will be jointly organising the annual fib symposium in 2017. The theme of the symposium will be: “High tech concrete; where engineering and technology meet”. The event will be held between 13 and 16 June at the MECC in Maastricht. Besides the Concrete Association and the Concrete Group, Germany will also be represented via Aachen University (professor Joseph Hegger).


Naturally, Maastricht has been selected to host the event because it serves as a gateway to all three countries. This appears to be a sensible choice because we know the host country plays a major role in determining visitor numbers and thus the success of the event.


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