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fib Belgian Colloquium

High tech concrete: where technology and engineering meet


13 April 2016 – ‘Constant Vanden Stock’ Stadium Anderlecht, Brussels
Scientific coordinator: Stijn Matthys

Organized by the Belgian & Dutch Concrete Societies. This fib Colloquium is held on 13 April 2016 in Brussels. A mirror colloquium takes place in Rotterdam on 14 April 2016.








The International Federation for Structural Concrete (fib) is a pre-normative organization and shapes the practice and future codes for concrete structures. Belgian delegates in fib play an important role in this work. They influence the development and uptake of emerging trends and innovations in concrete construction. Hereby, structural concrete is not just a continuously evolving material. It also represents a remarkable development in design concepts and strategies, as well as a high tech material engineered to show ultra high performance, and to be self compacting, self healing, environmentally friendly, etc. In this respect, the work of fib covers the whole life cycle of a concrete structure, from performance based design and construction, over durability and sustainability, to conservation (assessment, maintenance, strengthening) and dismantlement. This high tech concrete vision will be internationally presented and discussed during the upcoming fib Symposium ‘High tech concrete: where technology and engineering meet’ in Maastricht, 12-15 June 2017, organized by the Belgian & Dutch Concrete Societies. In view of this unique event, which brings the concrete world to the Belgian-Dutch region, the fib Belgium Colloquium presents today’s trends and valuable contributions in fib, and gives a sneak preview on the fib Symposium 2017.




13:00Registration & coffee

Prof. S. Matthys, Ghent University


About fib and vision beyond the horizon.
fib facilitates advancements of knowledge and technical developments in the field of structural concrete. The drivers and vision within this international federation are presented.
Prof. Harald Müller, president of fib, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

Report from fib Task Groups

14:00Report from fib Task Group fibT3.1 Reliability and safety evaluation
Robby Caspeele, UGent
14:15Report from fib Task Group fibT4.1 Fibre-reinforced concrete
Benoit Parmentier, CSTC
14:30Report from fib Task Group fibT8.9  Aesthetics of concrete surfaces
Niki Cauberg, WTCB
14:45Report from fib Task Group fibT2.2.1 Shear in beams
Boyan Mihaylov, Ulg
15:00Report from fib Task Group fibT5.1 FRP reinforcement for concrete structures
Stijn Matthys, UGent

Design and testing.
Advances in structural concrete, also result in new material testing protocols. In this context there is a growing collaboration between fib and RILEM.
Ir. Johan Vyncke, president of RILEM, Belgian Building Research Institute

15:30Coffee break

Report from fib Task Group fibT6 Prefabrication
Stef Maas, FEBE


High tech concrete for new and existing structures

Patriek Depuydt, BESIX

16:45Boekentoren Gent: renovation demanding high tech concrete
David Dewolf, Greisch
17:00UHPConcrete for architecture
Steven Schaerlaekens, Holcim (membre de Febelcem)
17:15First UHPC pedestrian bridge in Belgium
Bert Marynissen, SECO

Safety and working life of existing structures.
Growing emphasis on sustainability of our structures is resulting in an increasing demand to assess the structural performance of existing structures. New trends in this respect will be discussed, including impact of interventions required to extend the working life.
Dr. Stuart Matthews, chair of fib C3, Building Research Establishment (BRE), UK


The upcoming fib Symposium 2017 by fib Belgium and the Netherlands.
Prof. L. Taerwe, head of fib BE delegation, chair of BBG, co-chair of fib Symposium 2017, Ghent University

18:10Cocktail and networking


•    Practicing engineers and consultants
•    Contractors / builders / architects
•    Governmental agencies / officials /certification bodies
•    Manufacturers  of cement, admixtures, ready mix concrete, etc.
•    Academics and students

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‘Constant Vanden Stock’ Stadium RSC Anderlecht

Avenue Théo Verbeeck 2

1070 Bruxelles - Brussel



Belgian member fib: for FREE (for free when subscription is paid - !!subscription is mandatory!!) (1€= symbolic -> no invoice will be sent)Member BBG: 85 € (excl. 21% BTW) Others: 145 € (excl. 21% BTW)



The price includes : attending the different workshops, proceedings of the conferences, coffee break and cocktail.



fib Belgium members 2016: Besix, Greisch, Ronveaux, FEBE, Febelcem, Seco, CRIC, Ergon, WTCB, UGent, KUL, VUB.




GBB - BBG: Groupement Belge du Béton - Belgische Betongroepering
Pascale Hardy :
Ingénieur-Conseil Technologie Ciment et Béton
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Scientific coordinator: Stijn Matthys (UGent)